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A Message From The Healing Key Team

Welcome! We’re so pleased to partner with you for this exciting series, which goes LIVE on February 24th, 2020.
With our powers combined, we can reach the masses to help them improve their health!

This is the world premiere of a never-seen-before series, so this is certainly not a ‘tired’ promotion!

Also – did we mention we’re giving away over 20k in prizes?!

We’re so pumped to have you on board! Please stay tuned for updates, more prizes and lots of fun stuff during the launch!

~ Sarah Otto, Matt Potts & Elizabeth Newman

What is The Healing Key?

The Healing Key is a ten-part documentary series that reveals the complex and fascinating role of reproductive and metabolic hormones in regulating our day-to-day moods, wellness and energy levels and in shaping our long term health forecast. We’ll be empowering our viewers by exposing the hidden link between hormonal imbalances and common health problems, like fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, and depression, and giving them the tools to reverse and prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer and other deadly diagnoses.

Important Dates

  • PRE-LAUNCH: February 10th – 24th, 2020 (Best time to promote. We’re first cookie, so get your promos scheduled early in the window!)
  • LIVE VIEWING: One episode per day, beginning on February 24th (9 Episodes Total)
  • SURPRISE ENCORE WEEKEND: March 7th-8th, closing at midnight. (Send additional support here to optimise your results)

How it Works:

We will release The Healing Key to the public for viewing on Monday, February 24th, 2020 and the promo will officially end at midnight on Sunday March 8th.

Viewers will have the opportunity to watch each episode for a 24-hour period, before the episode is taken down to make room for the next.

To participate you simply share an opt-in page about the event with your community during the pre-launch promo period (February 10th-24th). Those who opt-in will also receive a free ebook when they register. 

Viewers can watch all 9 Episodes for free and they will have an option to purchase all of the episodes + the recordings of each interview, plus bonuses.

More Details

The Product Offer:
Registrants will be given multiple opportunities to purchase recordings of the entire series, and bonus materials, in both digital  and physical format.

If those who opt-in/sign up to watch the series using your unique link, later purchase the series, you will make a commission of up to 50% on the sale.

Our digital products will be selling for approximately $97 (your commission = 50%)
The physical products will be selling for approximately $197  (your commission = 40%)

How Do I Start?
Please enter your details on this page to be considered for our affiliate program. Remember that we handle all the fulfilment details, including order processing, shipment when required, billing and customer service.

All you need to do is to mail to your email list and/or post to your social profiles during pre-launch.

Affiliate Commission Payments
100% of commissions earned  will be paid within 7 business days of the cart and docu-series promo closing (on March 8th). 

All payments will be made via PayPal.

Affiliate Tracking
Our software (Post Affiliate Pro) tracks when a user comes from your link and holds an affiliate cookie for 60 days. So if a user purchases within that time frame we will give you credit. You will also be given a login where you can go to track the number of visits from your links along with your commission statistics.

How Does It All Work?
We have a simple process to help you be successful:

1. Sign-up on this page
2. Receive approval email and password setting instructions. Sit tight. We’ll be sending you everything you need to promote via email prior to launch.
3. Use the promotion material we provide to send to your list or post on social media during the time frame that we suggest. When a user clicks your  link it sets a tracking cookie on their unique computer IP address.
4. When a purchase is made from that IP address the system will track that and you will get credit.
5. Within 7 business days of the close of the live viewing, you will be paid 90% of your commissions. Once the 60 day return period is over we will pay out the remaining 10%.
6. We will pay you automatically through PayPal and send you a notice via email.

It’s that simple!

If you are ready to participate in the fun, fill out the form on this page. Thank you!

Who Is Behind 'The Healing Key'?

Sarah Otto

Sarah’s journey with film began as a child, when she would feign being ‘sick’ to her mother in order to skip school and make home videos in the backyard. Sarah is now a veteran to the docu-series space. From the original blockbuster, The Truth About Cancer, to recent projects like Autoimmune Secrets and Depression & Anxiety Secrets (with her brother, Jonathan Otto), and culminating in her own series, The Gut Solution, she has gathered experience from the very best in the industry as to how to run a successful docu-series campaign. Between all of this she is also a signed songwriter, with her songs being used on major TV shows and commercial campaigns. Having suffered from autoimmune problems for years and eventually finding answers to her problems through this exact style of media, she is passionate about getting this life changing information to the masses.

Matt Potts

Matt started his career as a geologist and eventually made his way into full time marketing. Having worked as an affiliate, consultant and producer on major product launches, he was more than excited by Sarah’s idea to do her own series. Matt is an experienced online marketer, speaker and coach in multiple niches within the online marketing world. Having already consulted specifically on large docu-series launches, he has the ‘know how’ and deep understanding at what makes a launch as profitable as possible for an affiliate.


Yes we do! Reach out to us and we can assign anyone you refer within our system. That way you can make an additional 2% on top of their earnings! This does not take away from their commission 🙂

Great question! We suggest you send a minimum of 3 emails to maximise your commissions.

You would send these emails primarily during Pre-Launch: February 10th-24th

Our recommendation would be…

    • February 10th (first day of promo, plus we are first lead in)
    • Send to the un-opens a few days later (i.e. same email with a new subject line)
    • Another great time to mail is February 23rd or 24th (starts tomorrow/tonight)

    Finally, if you want an extra income boost (up to 20%), promote our surprise replay weekend (March 7) where all 10 episodes will be live for 48 hours. The cart will open again briefly for those that didn’t already buy.

You can reset your password by simply clicking ‘Forgot My Password’ link on the login page.

Simply login to the affiliate area on Post Affiliate Pro and you can easily check your personal campaign statistics.

Sure do! Send those queries to 🙂 

Elizabeth Newman is our very experienced and very capable Affiliate Manager who can help you with anything you need. Reach out to her at 🙂